Are you a nutrition student, new graduate, dietetic intern or new Registered Dietitian? KEEP READING!

The ASPIRE Masterminds

The Aspire Mentorship Program for Nutrition Students and Professionals is for you if you are: 

  • Overwhelmed by trying to decide the direction of your future career,
  • Feeling anxious about competition amongst your peers and colleagues,
  • Starting to burn out, even though you are just entering the field of nutrition and dietetics, or;
  • Looking to build a network of fellow nutrition professionals.

Aimee Tyler-Smith and Jillian Walsh are two Canadian Registered Dietitians who have successfully carved out their place in the dietetics realm and are both working in their dream careers. They’ve done the work to find their true passions and have learned to effectively set boundaries in order to protect their time and prevent burnout. And now they want to help you do the same. They will help you:

  • Create momentum for personal and career aspirations
  • Align your short-term and long-term goals and solidify your future direction
  • Foster community over competition with peers and colleagues
  • Develop a network within the field of nutrition and dietetics
  • Build connections with like-minded professionals
  • Gain self-confidence in your identity as a dietetics professional