Image is of an agenda open to a monthly calendar page to book appointment with a dietitian and therapist.

Are you ready to book an appointment with a dietitian or therapist? If you are living with anorexia, bulimia or another form of disordered eating, our clinicians specialize in guiding you along your recovery journey.

All new clients begin working with one of our dietitians by booking a 90-minute nutrition assessment ($245.00). From there, all follow-up appointments are 50-minutes in length ($135.00). Students of Western University can access a different fee schedule that matches their health benefits plan so that appointment fees are reimbursed in full.

For clients looking to see our therapist, all sessions are 50-minutes in length ($135.00 plus tax).

Face to face appointments available in London, Ontario. Telehealth appointments via secure online software are open to residents across Canada. Evening appointments are available.

Did you Know?

Registered Dietitian services are often covered by extended health benefit plans. Contact your insurance provider and ask about your coverage for nutrition services. All our services are also tax deductible. Click to learn more!

Book an appointment with a Registered Dietitian or therapist by clicking below! Feeling unsure? Schedule a free telephone call with Jillian Walsh, our founder, to see if we are the right fit for what you are looking for.

Having trouble booking online? Feel free to email us at and we can assist you.

Experiencing financial difficulties? Jillian Walsh, RD, MACP is a member of Recovery Care Collective, a Canadian non-profit organization aimed at improving access to outpatient eating disorder services. This collective of Canadian eating disorder providers donate time and services to a program that matches outpatient services to individuals who are in financial need. You can find more information here.