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What is Thin Privilege?

Thin privilege, related to weight bias, stems from the unrealistic ‘ideal’ of a thin body type for everyone, or for a preferred thin body type. It supports the idea that those with a thin body type have more advantages than those who do not. These advantages can be represented in scenarios such as easily finding your size while shopping at trendy stores, being offered … Read More What is Thin Privilege?


Body Positivity or Body Acceptance?

A quick Google search will yield millions of hits in just seconds on body positivity, with mixed messages. It has become an ever broadening movement founded on the belief that everyone should just love their bodies, no matter what the size. This movement is not exclusive to the internet – its’ roots reach back into the late ’60s when certain body types were marginalized … Read More Body Positivity or Body Acceptance?


All or None Thinking

Imagine this: you are at a friend’s house watching a movie and your friend offers you some chips. You immediately decline her offer thinking chips are bad and if you have any at all you will be a failure. As you see your friend enjoying the chips, you begin to think maybe one won’t hurt. After you’ve had a handful of chips you feel … Read More All or None Thinking

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The ASPIRE Alliance

The Aspire Mentorship Program for Nutrition Students and Professionals is for you if you are: 

Aimee Tyler-Smith and Jillian Walsh are two Canadian Registered Dietitians who have successfully carved out their place in the dietetics realm and are both working in their dream careers. They’ve done the work to find their true passions and have learned to effectively set boundaries in order to protect their time and prevent burnout. And now they want to help you do the same. They will help you: