Table of Contents

Working with change.creates.change

Am I Ready to Start Working With a Dietitian?

How Our Dietitians Can Help You in Eating Disorder Recovery

Getting Started With Our Dietitians

Am I Covered For RD Services?

Animal-Assisted Therapy

General Nutrition

What Are Macronutrients, Exactly?

What Are Micronutrients, Exactly?

Hydration Nation

What is Fibre & Why is it Important?

Carbohydrates: Facts & Myths

Prebiotics & Probiotics

Breakfast: Is it Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

I Want to Eat Vegan, Am I At Risk For Nutritional Deficiencies?

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Mindful Eating

The Problem With Dieting

Diet Rules That Might Be Ruling Your Life

The Misconceptions of Emotional Eating

Eating Disorder Recovery

Disordered Eating Versus Eating Disorders

How to Get Help For an Eating Disorder

How to Take Your Life Back From an Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders in Teens

Eating Disorders in Males

Meal Support: A Practical Guide for Carers

Helping a Loved One With an Eating Disorder

Refeeding Syndrome: A Little Known Aspect of Eating Disorder Recovery

What to Expect During the Refeeding Process

Refeeding FAQs

Sick Day Management: How to Stay on Track With Recovery When You Have a Cold

What is Set Point Weight Theory?

Weight Fluctuations With Fluid Shifts

The Risks of Purging

Surviving the Holidays in Eating Disorder Recovery

How To Survive Halloween When You Have an Eating Disorder

Giving Thanks During Thanksgiving

To Exercise or Not To Exercise

How to Stop Overexercising

How to Use Binge or Purge Delay in Eating Disorder Recovery

Relapse Prevention

All or None Thinking

What is Water Loading?

The Body’s Built-in Safety Nets

Starvation Syndrome

Pregnancy & Eating Disorders

New Year’s Resolutions: Helping or Hindering Recovery?

Body Checking

Shopping When You Aren’t Yet in Love With Your Body


The Effects of Social Media on Eating Disorders

Food & Body Politics

The “Freshman Fifteen” or Just Normal Growth?

The Truth About Willpower

Vanity Sizing

Don’t Say Diet – Why This Dietitian Never Talks Weight Loss

The Food Police

“Being Healthy” – What Does It Mean?

What is “Healthy Eating”?

What is “Healthy Movement”?

Book Review (Part I): “Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight” by Linda Bacon

Book Review (Part II): “Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight” by Linda Bacon

Diet Culture in Disguise

Body Positivity or Body Acceptance?

What is Thin Privilege?